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Historically the plantations in the West Coast and Interior Division (WCID) of Sabah have been delivering their crude oil to the East Coast Division of Sabah, which is the palm oil refining region in the State. The distance for transporting the oil could be anywhere between 350 – 500 kilometres away, which attributes to high transport cost. This cost is reflected in the price of the oil, with the plantations and smallholders in WCID having to sell their oil at a discount (transport cost) to the refineries in the East Coast.

With the emergence of an outlet at Kota Kinabalu, the distance is immensely reduced to between 100 – 200 kilometres, translating to the reduction of logistics cost of between 60 – 70%. This savings will count towards added revenue to the smallholders in the WCID and can be utilised to further increase productivity and yield of their farms and increase planted area, which in turn further increases their income. With more income, farmers can invest in their children’s education and build businesses in their communities.